Advanced Therapies and Diagnostic Methods

The therapeutics of type 1 diabetes includes stimulation of insulin secretion through GLP analogues like insulin injections to compensate for beta cell defects, DPP-4 inhibition by Sitagliptin, and increased islet survival and islet cell regeneration. The therapeutics of type 2 includes several conventional therapies like sulfonylureas, Repaglinide enhance insulin secretion and Troglitazone. By keeping the blood sugar level as close to normal as possible can delay or prevent diabetes.  Treatment for diabetes includes.

These are commonly used in ayurvedic medicine and oriental medicine for treating diabetes. Certain herbs, vitamins, and supplements may relate with diabetes medications including insulin and increase the hypoglycemic effects. Herbs and plant sources listed below have been employed traditionally in the treatment of diabetes.

  • Ficus Carica Ginseng
  • Berberine
  • Cinnamomym Tamala

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