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Diabetic 2021

About the Conference

ME Conferences hold an enormous pleasure to invite all the participants to amalgamate with 29th International Diabetes and Healthcare Conference on July 30th, 2021 Webinar.

" Theme: Don’t quit with enough; learn more about diabetes "

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DIABETIC 2021 contribute active discussion on Diabetic research especially with an alluring feature i.e., invigorating the young student researchers through Poster Award Competition and Young Research Forum award at the Conference venue and commendation of Organizing Committee Accreditation to the participants.

Why Attend DIABETIC 2021?

This event provides a global platform for the research experts to enlighten the developing, upgrading & teaching Diabetology and discussions on how Diabetes can be a key factor in the rise of Covid-19 fatalities. This Event is strongly initiated with the possibilities offered in the field of Cellular Diabetology, progress in Clinical & Experimental Pharmacology, Advantages of Therapies, and Diagnostic Approaches in Diabetes Health Care. Congress summons all the academicians and specialists with extensive disciplines from Worldwide under a single roof where investigators across the globe can meet, debate, perceive and confer new scientific innovations & technology.

Global Participants:

This event is open ended to all  with an academic or professional interest in Diabetes Health Care and its research.

  • Endocrinologists
  • Diabetologists
  • Public Health Care Professionals
  • Cardiologists
  • Nephrologists
  • Neurologists
  • Doctors & Physicians
  • Nurse practitioners
  • Nutritionists/Dieticians
  • Academic Professionals & Students
  • Researchers & Scientists
  • Medical Hospitals
  • Business Entrepreneurs
  • Healthcare Training Institute
  • Diabetes Societies & Associations
  • Manufacture Medical Devices & Pharma Companies

Sessions and Tracks

Track 1: Diabetes and Covid 19

The people with diabetes appear to be more susceptible to severe illness with the SARS COVID-19 because of the fluctuations in their blood glucose levels. The treatment for viral infections in diabetic patients is difficult due to the presence of complications like a weakened immune system and the increased infection in blood glucose.

  • Diabetic Ketoacidosis
  • Hyperglycaemia
  • Potential prognostic factors
  • COVID-19 and Insulin Accessibility

Track 2: The Diabetes: Types and Complications

Diabetes is a chronic disease that results in severe complications such as hypertension, eye, skin, foot, nephropathy, high blood pressure, stroke, and many more due to the fluctuated levels of insulin. These complications should be controlled only with the correct treatment and recommended alterations in lifestyle.

Track 3: Genetic Diabetes

According to the expert's research Type 2 Diabetes is estimated for heritability of about 20%-80% by the family, population, age, and twin based studies. Diabetes is inherited by the action of genes which plays a major role in making proteins in the Immune System.

Track 4: Diabetes and Heart Disease

There is a major chance of developing Heart Disease at a younger age for the diabetes patient. As a result of high blood glucose in diabetes, the nerves and blood vessels that control the heart are damaged.

Track 5: Diabetes and Obesity

In Obese patients, abdominal fat leads adipose tissue to secrete various hormones like glycerol, Leptin, cytokines, adiponectin, and proinflammatory substances, and non-esterified fatty acids which make the body poor sensitive to insulin by effecting the metabolism. This mechanism results diabetes in obese individuals.

Track 6: Diabetic Diet and Nutrition

Diabetic patient should follow a healthy eating plan to control blood sugar, taking healthiest foods in regular times which containing rich nutrients and less fats. Along with diet, a physical activity like exercise holds a major role in managing diabetes. Balanced diet, weight loss therapies, avoiding sedentary life style habits is useful to live a healthy life.

Track 7: Diabetes and Cancer

People with type 2 diabetes are susceptible to develop various cancers; Diabetic women were more likely to develop colorectal cancer and mortality. Cancer in diabetes is developed mainly due to insulin resistance and the accumulated fat around the organs which secrete chemicals by making the cells more aggressive, which are finally resulting in tumour growth.

Track 8: Diabetic Retinopathy

Retinopathy is one of the major complications in diabetes, most common in type 1 diabetes and type 2. In this case, the blood vessels of the light sensitive tissue at the rear part of the retina are damaged and blocked by high blood sugar. The effects include blurred vision, impairment of colour vision, poor night vision, and Eye floaters. Proper diet and physical activities, controlling diabetes are the most effective ways to prevent diabetic retinopathy.

Track 9: Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetic Kidney Disease is the major complication in diabetes patients with high blood glucose resulting in kidney damage. Finally the damaged kidney filters result in leakage of protein through urine. Not every diabetic is a kidney failure, this complication is completely depends upon genetics, blood sugar control, and blood pressure.

Track 10: Endocrinology and Metabolic Syndrome

Endocrinology deals with the study of Endocrine disorders and its secretions such as hormones. The hormone imbalance results in metabolic syndromes like diabetes, obesity, cardio metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, pancreatic disorders, reproductive disorders, etc., this is the reason why the metabolic syndrome is known as cluster of disorders. Prevention of this condition is only possible through lifestyle modification and weight loss and proper treatments.

Track 11: Clinical Trails and Case Studies

These refer to explore the patient-based research, translational research, and epidemiology & worlds healthcare research. This studies deals with the clinical knowledge on various aspects of the disease and its management.

Track 12: Prevention and Treatment of Diabetes

Healthy living tips are the smart way to prevent diabetes. Lifestyle changes like healthy eating, involving in physical activities, losing weight are more helpful in such cases; they also hold a major role in minimizing other health hazards like hypertension, blood cholesterol, coronary failures and strokes.

Track 13: Herbal and Alternative Remedies

There are several Herbal and Alternative remedies for diabetes

Track 14: Advanced Therapies and Diagnostic Methods

Diagnosis is often challenging because many signs and symptoms are not specified. The diagnosis is a disease that will never cause symptoms of death during the patient lifetime, but there is a problem which turns people into patients unnecessarily and it can lead to economic waste and treatments that may cause harm to patients.

Track 15: Research in Nanotechnology for Diabetes

Nanotechnology for diabetes used to develop the novel glucose measurement and insulin that holds the potential to improve the quality of life for diabetic patients. The nanotechnology has encouraged the advancement of the novel glucose monitoring and several modalities for the insulin delivery and it is possible to enhance the personal satisfaction and life quality for diabetic patients.

Market Analysis

France is one of the major countries in Europe region which is contributing $426.26 Million to the Europe Diabetes care devices market. In France, the marketplace for diabetes care devices is more propelling with the advancements of technology, growing awareness regarding diabetic care, healthcare expenditure, and the healthcare system reimbursement by their centralized health care system, which supports the tariff system.

Prevalence of Diabetes in Europe Region

Approximately 0.26 million are estimated to live with Type 1 diabetes in the Europe region. Especially in France, about 3.2 million are diagnosed as diabetes according to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Global Diabetes:

Global Diabetes Insulin Pen Market value is tending to rise in the recent 10 years, due to various market drivers such as growth in diabetes prevalence among the varied age group, increasing geriatric population over the globe, growth in product launches, growth in awareness amongst people and many more.

According to the share market value, the global diabetes pen market was valued at USD 5.86 billion in 2016 and is forecasted to reach USD 11.19 billion by 2025, increasing at a CAGR of 7.45% from 2017 to 2025.

International Associations Related to Diabetic Research:

  • American Diabetes Association
  • World Diabetes Foundation
  • International Diabetes Federation
  • Latino Diabetes Association
  • Juvenile Diabetes Association
  • Missouri Diabetes Association
  • Canadian Diabetes Association
  • Swedish diabetes  foundation
  • Diabetes worldwide - French Healthcare
  • Norwegian diabetes association
  • Polish diabetes association
  • German diabetes association
  • Romanian federation of diabetes

Best Universities Dealing with Diabetic Research:

  • Harvard University
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Columbia University
  • Oxford University
  • Yale University
  • McMaster University
  • University of Basel
  • University of Strasbourg
  • University of Bonn
  • KU Leuven
  • Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne
  • University of California at Santa Barbara
  • Free University of Amsterdam
  • Texas A&M University

List of Top Hospitals and Research Clinic Dealing with Diabetic Research:

  • Mayo clinic (Rochester, MN)
  • Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston, MA)
  • Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland, OH)
  • Johns Hopkins Hospital (Baltimore, MD)
  • USCF Medical Centre (San Francisco, CA)
  • Bassetlaw Hospital – Workshop, Nottinghamshire (UK)
  • Addenbrooke’s Hospital – Cambridge, Barnet General Hospital (UK)
  • Cygnet Hospital Beckton (UK)
  • Wooridul Spine Hospital-Seoul (South Korea)
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute (India) 

List of Diabetic Societies


American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, American Association of Endocrine Surgeons, American Diabetes Association, American Society of Endocrine Physician Assistants, American Thyroid Association, Association for Program Directors in Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism, Endocrine Nurses Society, Pediatric Endocrine Society, Society for Behavioural Neuroendocrinology, The Association of Program Directors in Endocrinology


European Network for the Study of Adrenal Tumours, European Neuroendocrine Association, European Neuroendocrine Tumour Society, European Society for Paediatric Endocrinology, Associazione Medici Endocrinology, Austrian Society for Endocrinology and Metabolism, Belarusian Association of Endocrinologists, Belgian Endocrine Society, Bulgarian Society of Endocrinology, Croatian Society for Endocrinology, Cyprus Endocrine Society, Czech Endocrine Society, Danish Endocrine Society, Egyptian Association of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Atherosclerosis, Estonian Endocrine Society

Middle East:

Iran endocrine society, Israel society for Pediatric Endocrinology, Israel society of Research, Prevention and Treatment, Egyptian Association of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Atherosclerosis, Egyptian Society of Endocrinology and Obesity, Augusta Victoria Hospital, Arabic Association for the Study of Diabetes and Metabolism, Chronic Care Centre, Dubai Diabetes Centre, Dubai Health Authority, Gabric Diabetes Education Association, National Diabetes Organization, Qatar Diabetes Association, The Endocrine Society of India, German Endocrine society, The European society of Endocrinology, International society of Endocrinology, Spanish society of Endocrinology, The society of Endocrinology


Asian Association of Endocrine Surgeons, ASEAN Federation Of Endocrine Societies, Australasian Paediatric Endocrine Group, South Asian Federation of Endocrine Societies, Asia Pacific Pediatric Endocrine Society, Endocrine Society of the Republic of China, Vietnam Association of Diabetes & Endocrinology, Endocrine Society of Thailand, Indonesian Society for Endocrinology, Hong Kong Society of Endocrinology, Metabolism and Reproduction, Endocrine and Metabolic Society of Singapore Malaysian Endocrine and Metabolic Society, Pakistan Endocrine Society, Syrian Society of Endocrinology


To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date July 29-30, 2021

Speaker Opportunity

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Journal of Diabetes & Metabolism Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome Journal of Diabetic Complications & Medicine

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